Volunteer at Sweetland

Friends of Sweetland

Friends of Sweetland is our dynamic and dedicated volunteer force. The mission of this workforce is to help create the ultimate patron experience by anticipating the needs of our guests and providing them with friendly and attentive service. Friends of Sweetland is yet another way that Sweetland delivers the promise of “the South’s Sweetest Stage.”

What events require volunteers?

Sweetland Amphitheatre plays host to a variety of events ranging from concerts to community and family events. Sweetland staff makes every effort to find events that fit a range of demographics and audience preferences, in a range of locales. In order to host these events, we rely on our volunteers to help at events, whether it’s a music series or festival that we are hosting. Your help is much needed at these events to make sure we deliver an outstanding experience for our patrons.

Requirements to be a Friend of Sweetland

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • Must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and enjoy working with the public.
  • Be a creative problem solver.
  • Volunteers will receive ample breaks and in most cases be provided a chair to sit in however, you must understand and meet the physical requirements that may include climbing stairs, assisting patrons in wheelchairs and standing for long periods of time. Keeping our volunteers safe is one of our highest priorities. Some aspects of the work we do require a high level of physical activity. These physical requirements exist specifically for your safety.

Opportunities that come with the job:

  • Learn new skills like management, leadership and organization. There are many opportunities where no prior skill set is required.
  • Have a sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing better than to see a show open that you know you had a hand in getting off the ground.
  • Make new friends. There are plenty of friendly people who will always greet you with a smile and are happy to see you.
  • Community service. Perhaps you want to “give back” to the community you have grown up in (or are new to) or maybe you need it for school.
  • Watch the show. Since many of your positions are located in the seating bowl, you have a great view of the concert. Of course we do ask that the volunteers remain attentive to the needs of the paying customers, but of course, you are allowed to take a few peeks.
  • Join us for our annual volunteer appreciation dinner.

Download the Sweetland Volunteer Handbook

Get a copy of the complete Friends of Sweetland Volunteer handbook here.

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Volunteer opportunities and commitments


Ushers- VIP (3-4 per event)

Volunteer ushers will be looking at tickets and walking patrons to the correct table. This area is accessible only to VIP table ticket holders and patrons with VIP passes.

Usher- Premium Reserved & Reserved (5-6 per event)

Volunteer ushers will be looking at tickets and directing patrons to the correct seating area. Please be aware of the seating chart and send patrons down the pathway closest to their actual seats. Assist in keeping aisles and walkways clear of standers.

Greeters- (2 per event)

Greeters will be assigned a location to greet and direct incoming guests to their desired locations (e.g. restrooms, concessions, seating area and box office) and answer any questions.

Floater- (2-3 per event)

Floaters remain outside of the box office at gates opening to assist in directing the flow of incoming patrons to the ticketing area. After the majority of the line subsides they are to go in to the venue and give breaks to the volunteers in their assigned areas.

Certified lead- (3 per event)

Leads are assigned a specific area and number of volunteers. They are responsible for training new volunteers in their area, dealing with seating and/or guest issues, and relaying necessary information to the Front of House Manager/ Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Coordinator- (1 per event)

The Volunteer Coordinator (VC) is responsible for checking in incoming volunteers and directing new volunteers to the appropriate areas. The VC also sets up schedules, sends reminders and other important volunteer information; they are responsible for the general upkeep of volunteers.

Security- (3 per event)

While we will primarily be using off-duty officers as security, there may be opportunities to use volunteers as well. Security is responsible for keeping people out and away from stage area, especially entrances to back stage and on stage. They need to monitor the area they are assigned to, making sure people are having a good time but still making sure it doesn’t get out of hand. 

Merchandise Sales- (2 per event)

Volunteers will be assigned to booths to sell t-shirts, coozies, hats and other merchandise. You will answer any questions and give news about upcoming events.

Ticket takers- (7 per event)

Ticket takers will be stationed at the entrances of the Amphitheatre. You will be the first people our guests will see so it is important to always have a smile on your face as you scan their tickets.

Guest Services- (1 per event)

There to provide excellent customer service and to answer any questions patrons may have. This volunteer will be based out of our Guest Services window located inside the pavilion entrance. Guest Services will also serve as lost and found and home to our volunteer hospitality area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in a volunteer?

We are looking for people who enjoy music, have great energy, friendly, creative, patient and are committed to serving their community. And it doesn’t hurt if you like to have fun!

Do I need prior volunteer experience to volunteer with Sweetland?

No. We are glad that you will be starting your volunteer journey with us.

How do I know which volunteering opportunity is right for me?

We recommend reading through each volunteer opportunity thoroughly to see if it matches your interests and you can provide the specific requirements for the position.

How do you communicate with your volunteers?

Our primary means of communication is via email and we will use an online scheduling program that we will ask each volunteer to sign up for to view their schedules, request dates off or find a replacement for their shift among the other volunteers. With approximately 50-60 volunteers, it can be a challenge to communicate individually with each person and these means will help us streamline communication.

Can I bring my friends with me to volunteer?

All volunteers that receive credentials are required to submit an application and go through the orientation session before beginning. Volunteers are not permitted to escort guests through the gates of the show. You can guide your friends to the Amphitheatre website for an application and they can go through the above process or purchase tickets for an event.

Can I stay and watch the show if my shift ends early?

Yes. One of the perks of being a volunteer at Sweetland is at the end of your shift, you are allowed to stay and watch the show. Please be sure to take off your volunteer shirt so patrons don’t think you are still on your volunteer shift. If the Box Office Manager has available seating after the Box Office closes, those tickets may be distributed to the volunteer staff via the Volunteer Coordinator. Please do not ask for these tickets as their availability will be limited- let it be a surprise. Otherwise you may find a location on the General Admission Lawn pending availability. Never drink in your volunteer uniform, even after your shift is over.

What happens if I can no longer volunteer?

If you find that you are no longer able to volunteer, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible. Make sure to indicate whether you wish to take a year off or will not be able to volunteer for the foreseeable future.