Food & Beverages

Outside Food & Beverages

Outside food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, are not permitted to be brought into Sweetland Amphitheatre for the Summer/Fall Concert Season. Only events labeled “Picnic Approved” will allow outside food and beverages. Be sure to carefully check the event information online or on your ticket to determine the type of event you are attending and what is allowed inside the venue.

Purchase at the Show

Sweetland Amphitheatre features local and regional food vendors providing specialized menus, including vegetarian and healthy options.


For all events hosted by Sweetland (vs. a third party), beer, wine, sodas and water will be available for purchase inside the venue. IDs are required for all alcohol purchases and consumption regardless of age. There shall be no consumption of alcohol at Sweetland by minors or as otherwise prohibited by law.

During our Summer/Fall Concert season only, purchase additional VIP tickets to access our VIP Suite located behind the Stage House which includes a complimentary appetizer selection, full-service cash bar serving top-shelf liquor, live music and restrooms.

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